Eastlake in Chula Vista

April 22, 2014

Eastlake Housing Update 2016

Is this a buyers or sellers market?

As a local Realtor, I get asked all the time, “is this a buyers or sellers market?”  What do you think?  It's actually both.  Let me explain. 

If you are a buyer, homes are still selling at ...

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March 6, 2013

Eastlake Houses are in High Demand

Eastlake houses for sale are in high demand.  As a Realtor in this area, I receive at least 5 calls a day from potential buyers looking for homes to buy in Eastlake.  Why is there such a high demand? Well, for homes like this.  I recently listed ...

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Jan. 9, 2013

Living in Eastlake - My Buyers Point of View


mountain hawk park eastlake





It certainly seems to be the perfect place to live.  It boasts quiet, safe neighborhoods, shopping centers, restaurants all around and is located only 20 minutes south of Mission Valley.  Given the convenient access to the 805 and the South Bay Expressway 125 ...

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April 9, 2012

Eastlake Short Sale Agent

Work with a Professional Eastlake Short Sale Agent who is available Monday through Sunday

eastlake short sale agent

  eastlake short sale agent

Choosing the right Eastlake Short Sale Agent is critical.  You often only get one chance to successfully negotiate a Short Sale.  Do your research and choose a Professional who has successfully negotiated Short ...

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